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Puzzle 466: Fencing Match 44

If you're seeing this puzzle, that means the deadline for the Four-Puzzle Derby has passed, and no more entries will be accepted. A write-up of the results is forthcoming!


james39562 said...

I'v found that if I set my Excel grid to 28 pixels per square, I can copy and paste a puzzle grid directly to it and then I just have to match up the lines (or dots). Then, I simply arrow over the cells that I need to fill clues in on (cause you can't mouse click on them with the picture in the way) and type what I see on the pasted picture. Much faster than trying to count 2 squares over and 3 down to the next clue. Just a handy little tip I found. Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I didn't.

james39562 said...

As an addendum to my last post, I think I recall reading that you create these puzzles in OpenOffice, Grant. Have you ever considered posting the OpenOffice files so that we can open them into our own spreadsheet software?

Grant Fikes said...

james39562: That would not be possible, because I do not maintain OpenOffice files for every individual puzzle; I merely have a saved template which I put numbers into. Often, I use a combination of OpenOffice and Paint.NET; for example, for Fencing Match puzzles, the OpenOffice template doesn't contain dots, but thick red borders between the cells. The puzzle is copied into a Paint.NET template consisting of dots, where the red lines are used to align the dots properly and ensure proper cropping of the image, and then removed.

james39562 said...

Ok, fair enough. I think I read that on one of your comments from the early years (*nostalgic background music*) about Fencing Match but I thought you may have saved the other puzzles as files.

It does make checking for a single closed loop easy as pie in Paint.NET. Cut and paste the solved puzzle into your paint program and click fill somewhere inside the loop. Make sure your fill color is the same color as your lines, and if you see any lines left over, you've got more than one loop. My mama is so proud of me for figuring that out. She promised to take me to the zoo for it.

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