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Monday Mutant 56: Polyominous (skyscrapers)

In this Polyominous puzzle, a number to the left or right of a row or above or below a column represents how many numbers in that row or column can be seen from that direction. A number is visible if and only if it is strictly greater than any other numbers in the row or column between that number and the edge (and is blocked from being seen if a number greater than or equal to it is in the way). The rules are otherwise unchanged.
This puzzle borrows some elements from Skyscrapers, probably one of the more well-known logic puzzle genres to have no real links to Japan. Normally, Skyscrapers doesn't involve polyominoes, but does involve a Latin square.


Scott said...

I enjoyed this one. Not trivial, but not too difficult. Now, make one with no inside givens! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty challenging, I thought, but had a very nice flow to it. There were a few interesting little logical twists throughout, resolving apparent ambiguities as the finish line approached. I was surprised how well the two puzzle types meshed together.
- Jack

Anonymous said...

That was an excellent puzzle. Thought provoking all the way to the end. A very nice idea. I'd love to see more of these.

Jonah said...

One of your best mutants, I think. I'd love to see more.

TheSubro said...

Great idea and execution. Truly had fun from beginning to end.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this puzzle and would love to see more like it!

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