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Puzzle 476: Spirits of Serpentine 4

No comment.


TheSubro said...

Always a fun puzzle, but a bit too much self-executing steps here.




Grant Fikes said...

A bit too "much" self-executing steps? If you're going to criticize my puzzles for being too easy, as you are so wont to do on both my blog and MellowMelon's blog, then proper grammar would be severely appreciated. :)

Oh, and happy new year, you jackwagon.

David Millar said...

I actually enjoyed that this one was on the easier side. It had just the right amount of logic needed to make it a good, quick solve.

Anonymous said...

Was that response really necessary Grant? Considering the guy is nice enough to actually play your puzzles and leave comments, I think a little grammatical slip like that is something you could let pass. Hell, I'd love to have a group of people that visited my blog on a regular basis, no matter how small. I'd just say take the criticism/critique and roll with it.

As to the puzzle... I'll get to that later.

Grant Fikes said...

Anonymous: Yes, that response was completely necessary. TheSubro comments on this blog very, very often, and is hopefully familiar with my semi-sarcastic sense of humor, particularly regarding the English language. :) I even included a smiley! Isn't that enough?

That being said, I do actually grow a little weary of being told by him that a puzzle is too easy, particularly when a puzzle wasn't designed to be easy (like this one, which has at least one or two sticking points); while I do strive to take the criticism constructively as motivation to make harder puzzles, my ultimate goal is to offer a wide variety of difficulty levels on this blog so that all solvers may be satisfied. If this puzzle is on the easy side, then all the better for encouraging newbies to become puzzle fans, and possibly veterans who regularly tackle harder puzzles. Even with easy puzzles, though, I try to make them have some quality that veterans might be able to appreciate. :)

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