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Puzzle 474: Circumnavi-Gates 17

Fans of Chip's Challenge or of my puzzles will be excited to know that these two things have come together in what is known as Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3! From what I understand, this official sequel to Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, which is in turn an unofficial sequel to the original 149 levels of Chip's Challenge, contains two levels that I created (levels 43 and 98) and 147 levels that other Chip's Challenge fans made. I am truly glad to have been a part of this.


Tyler said...

OH SWEET GOD YOU ARE MY HERO. I LOVED that game, and didn't know that other puzzle packs existed. I did have a level-designing tool, though, and came up with a few way back in the day. I might have to seek these out (continuing my Retro Christmas Eve; I put Alexey Pajitnov's Microsoft Puzzle Collection on my computer earlier).

TheSubro said...

Pretty minimalistic puzzle here. Maybe the type you would want to dump on Puzzle Picnic... or maybe I am just getting better at em. Thanks.


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