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March Mutant 1: Cross the Streams (arbitrarily inverted)

Shade in some cells black such that the black cells are all connected to each other through their edges, and no 2x2 cell area within the grid contains all black cells. In a normal Cross the Streams, numbers to the left of a row or above a column represent the groups of consecutive black cells which are in that row or column. For example, a clue of "3" means the row or column has three consecutive black cells, and a clue of "3 1" means that the row or column has a group of three consecutive black cells followed by a single black cell, separated by at least one white cell. A question mark (?) represents a group of consecutive black cells whose size is unknown; an asterisk (*) represents any number of unknown groups of black cells, including none at all. However, in this puzzle, some of the clues are inverted, and refer to the groups of white cells in that row or column. (A clue may coincidentally function as both a normal clue and an inverted one simultaneously.)
This is an extension of the idea presented in Monday Mutant 94. Now you don't know which clues are inverted and which are normal! Gwa ha ha!


Jonah said...

Really excellent. I like what you did with the fourth row.

Grant Fikes said...

Zotmeister e-mailed me to say this:
...OpenID seems to be working again, but now the bloody reCAPTCHA is saying I'm getting the words wrong every single time! Have I mentioned lately how much I hate both Blogger and reCAPTCHA? Anyhow, here's what I was trying to say in response to March Mutant 1:

Oh, and by the way, I just joined your upcoming Pixel Zendo game on Super Duper Games. (I blame devjoe.) I'm doing something similar on my journal if you hadn't noticed. - ZM

rob said...

Whee, fun! Once you realise there's generally just one "a clue" per row/column.

Anonymous said...

Great fun! Thanks.

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