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March Mutant 13: The Inner Limits (total multiples of 3)

In this The Inner Limits puzzle, a multiple of 3 has been placed in every cell which can legally contain one. The rules are otherwise unchanged.


Anonymous said...

Nice one. Maybe its just me, but I noticed you do 3s a lot in your variations, maybe its coz a 3 clue has quite a lot of possibilities in most puzzle types without being too complex. Works well anyway.

Jonah said...

I really, really liked this one. The fact that the empty cells couldn't have contained multiples of three is a significantly more interesting constraint than the other 3-themed mutants (Slitherlink, Cross the Streams, Akari, etc.). I wanna say more but it would be a mild spoiler, so I'll ROT-13 it:

V'z cnegvphyneyl gnyxvat nobhg gur qrqhpgvba gung tbrf, "Jryy, gur yratguf bs gur yvarf gung pebff guvf bar nyernql pbafvfg bs gjb qvssrerag erznvaqref zbq 3, fb gur guveq bar pna'g nyfb nccrne be ryfr bar bs gur vagrefrpgvbaf zhfg or n zhygvcyr bs 3."

I assume that argument was the intended path, yeah? Great stuff.

ralphmerridew said...

Title should be "(total multiples of 3)"

rob said...

I'll use this puzzle (which I loved) to say thanks for the flood of great puzzles you've posted recently.

Looking forward to what's to come. Maybe revisit this variation?

ralphmerridew said...

Forgot to say: I liked what you did with the threes.

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