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March Mutant 15: Straight and Arrow / Pearls of Wisdom (total blacks)

In this Straight and Arrow puzzle, the loop may pass through a black cell, but only if it turns in that cell, and goes straight through both adjacent cells in the loop (as though passing through a black pearl in Pearls of Wisdom). All such cells (where the loop turns in that cell and goes straight through both adjacent cells) must be black. The other rules regarding black cells still apply.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful coincidence that you and Melon put up different combinations of the same 2 puzzles at almost the same time. :P

I got confused with the rules on this one for quite a while, but enjoyed it once I finally figured out all the new implications.

Grant Fikes said...

It's far from being a coincidence, Prasanna. I read Melon's blog, too, you know. :P

Anonymous said...

Well I assumed you'd have mentioned it in the description if Melon's combination was the inspiration for this, hence thought it to be a coincidence. :)

Nice way to twist the combination in a different direction then.

Anonymous said...

Great nuances to this mutant. Very enjoyable! Thanks/


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