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March Mutant 24: Adam's Grapple (total)

Draw a single loop that connects the grid cells. The loop may only travel horizontally or vertically, and never diagonally (so all turns are of 90 degrees). The loop may only turn at the centers of grid cells, and may not cross itself or branch off. The loop must pass through and turn in every numbered cell, and each number represents the length of each of the two line segments which meet at that cell. A number has been placed in every cell which could legally contain one.


Anuraag Sahay said...

Pleasure.Nice work in the center.The unnumbered one after this seemed too constrained to even find a solution.

Grant Fikes said...

Anuraag Sahay: I assure you that a valid solution exists to March Mutant 25.

Anonymous said...

More than a year since you last put together one of these. Very nice indeed.



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