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March Mutant 18: Streampunk / Tetra Firma

Shade in tetrominoes such that the black cells are all connected to each other through their edges, and no 2x2 cell area within the grid contains all black cells. No two congruent tetrominoes may share an edge, even if they are rotated or reflected versions of each other. Numbers in a cell indicate the sizes of the orthogonally contiguous groups formed by black cells sharing a corner or an edge with that cell. For example, "3" means that the cell shares a corner or an edge with three black cells, and they form a single group, whereas "1 3" means the cell shares a corner with four black cells which form a group of three cells and a single separate cell. Cells with numbers cannot be black.
The Print-and-Play edition of my two-player board game Battle of LITS is officially available! Based on a Japanese logic puzzle, Battle of LITS is, among other things, about not having neighboring tetrominoes which are congruent. Nah, don't let my self-deprecation deter you from trying it; I'm actually proud of it. :)


Anuraag Sahay said...

This wasnt typical of your work.Required some trial-n-error.

rob said...

Loved this!

And no trial and error required for me.

cantdance said...

Yeah, didn't use trial and error at all. I love this variant. You should totally send it to Serkan for the next TVC round!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the 2nd time you've put up this hybrid. Both have been great. In this one, I especially liked the way the Tetra Firma logic took control after a while.

Congrats on the Battle of LITS thing. Thats another one I'll have to put on my "Things to buy when I start earning" list :P

Grant Fikes said...

Anuraag Sahay: I put a lot of work into making this puzzle solvable in what felt like a clean manner, and the fiddling that my solution process requires isn't really deep enough to be trial and error, methinks.

cantdance: I'll consider doing that. Obviously, I won't submit this exact specimen, but having proven that symmetrical givens are possible, I'm sure something worthy of LMI could be made. :)

prasannaseshadri: The Print-and-Play edition of Battle of LITS is completely free! While I'm hoping to sell the game to a publisher (see this BoardGameGeek post for a specific publisher), or to possibly sell it myself if I can make it out of sufficiently crafty materials, for now I'm just working on getting myself out there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, wonderful then. Will give it a try. Good luck with the selling-it part in the future. :)

cantdance said...

Grant, I believe the way it works is that the other authors propose variants, and Serkan prepares the TVC puzzles himself. Could be wrong ofc..


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