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March Mutant 17: Polyominous / Dominnocuous

When this Polyominous puzzle is solved, the partitioned grid will be solvable as a Dominnocuous.
Happy Quantity-Not-Quality Month, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. Loved using the counter logic. I don't think the quantity has lacked that much quality at all TBH.

I got stuck badly towards the end for making a wrong assumption, but I guess whats what happens when you attempt to solve this thing on paint. :P

Jonah said...

I copied the file and solved both versions side-by-side, but in the future it might be nice to put this mutant in a two-panel format.

Anonymous said...

One of your best conceived and designed. Not sure how or why anyone would choose to do this on separate panels, because your design intertwined the two so well.

Great puzzle. Thanks.


Jonah said...

Subro, some people solve Polyominous puzzles by coloring the cells according to number, in which case it's pretty hard to shade in the dominos at the same time.

garzahd said...

I solve almost all the puzzles in Paint, and this worked fine to color-code the polyominoes using my normal color scheme and add a large black dot in the middle of any piece that was also part of a domino.

boing said...

IMO your most memorable puzzle. Also, didn't realize how many other people use Paint :)

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