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Logic puzzles of the "read a bunch of sentences and use deduction to figure out who owns the zebra and who drinks water" variety have been around since the beginning of the universe. I shouldn't even have to make an example and write rules for this kind of puzzle, but I'm doing so for consistency with the other kinds of puzzles on this blog. (At least I don't have to go through the trouble of making an image for these. :) )

Eliza Pseudonym and her friends Anna, Barbra, and Carla are all fans of reality TV shows. Each one has a particular show they like (including Medium-Sized Brother), which airs on a different night of the week from Monday through Thursday. From the clues below, determine each woman's favorite reality show and the night it comes on.

1. Carla's favorite reality show is Coper.
2. Purgatory's Kitchen airs exactly two days after Barbra's favorite show (which isn't The Somewhat Thrilling Race).
3. Anna's favorite program airs on Tuesdays.

Anna - The Somewhat Thrilling Race - Tuesdays
Barbra - Medium-Sized Brother - Mondays
Carla - Coper - Thursdays
Eliza - Purgatory's Kitchen - Wednesdays

1. Read the puzzle and determine the information it asks for, using the clues it provides.

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