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Puzzle 145: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 8

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Rules of Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania

Eliza Pseudonym and her friends Anna, Barbra, Carla, Delilah, and Fiona are close followers of the hit television series Puzzlanian Idol, where contestants compete to win a recording contract by singing live on the show in an attempt to garner the votes of viewers. After many grueling weeks of singing and heart-breaking eliminations, the six remaining contestants performed on the most recent episode, following which the aforementioned Puzzlanian Idol fans phoned in their votes for their favorite contestant; each person voted for a different contestant. From the clues below, determine each contestant's first and last name (one first name is Luke, and one surname is White), the order in which they performed, and who voted for each one.

1. No two contestants have the same combination of first and last initials. No two contestants who performed consecutively have the same first initial or the same last initial.
2. Delilah voted for the person who performed third.
3. The contestant surnamed Pelkey performed sometime before Leah.
4. The contestant for whom Carla voted performed sometime after Mark Green (who wasn't the fourth contestant to perform).
5. The recipient of Barbra's vote performed sometime after the contestant surnamed Black, but sometime before the contestant surnamed Brown (who was the third contestant to perform after the one surnamed Black).
6. The second contestant to sing was surnamed Gray.
7. Anna did not cast her vote either for John (who performed sometime after Jude) or for the contestant who sang fifth on the show.
8. Fiona voted for Matthew.

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