Puzzle 300: Room and Reason 21

It's my 300th puzzle! Let's celebrate by quoting a movie!

"This is blasphemy! This is madness!" "Madness? THIS. . . IS. . . SPARTAAAAA!"

(Bonus points if you can guess what movie that's from.)

Do you like big puzzles, and you cannot lie? Then you're in luck -- this one's 31x45. This is the first time that I've ever built a 31x45 Room and Reason; I hope it's worthwhile! :) (This is actually on the easy side, I think, compared to some of the 31x45 Heyawake puzzles in the latest volume of Puzzle the Giants. . .)

As usual, a big thanks to all of the people who have contacted me and given me feedback. The knowledge that my puzzles are being solved and enjoyed is one of the awesomest things in this world.
Rules of Room and Reason
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