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(last updated 12-29-2012)

All of the puzzles on this blog (at least, the ones I made, which make up 98% of them) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License, so you may use these puzzles for any noncommercial purpose so long as you attribute me, and you don't have any obligation to pay me money. However, I'm always open to receiving money, so whether you wish to donate me some money as a tip for the enjoyment my puzzles have given you, or you wish to use my puzzles in a commercial publication, such as a puzzle magazine, read on!

How to Pay Me
One of the quickest ways to give me money is via PayPal. I have a PayPal account associated with the email address on this blog's sidebar (the one ending in gmail dot com). Note, however, that this PayPal account is set up with the micropayment rate (5% of each payment plus a flat fee of 5 cents, rather than the usual 2.9% plus 30 cents). For payments above $12 or so, it would be courteous to email me so I can give you the address of a different PayPal account so that a smaller portion will be eaten up by fees, or perhaps set up a different means of payment entirely.

Puzzles for Commercial Use
If there are particular puzzles on this blog which you would like to use for commercial purposes (such as publishing them in a puzzle magazine), you can pay for a non-exclusive license to do so. This is faster than commissioning custom puzzles, but my readers may not be as willing to pay to see puzzles they have already seen for free. To be perfectly honest, it's less fun for me, too, because I like creating new puzzles. Nonetheless, this is an option I am willing to offer to anyone who wants it.

You can also commission me to write original custom puzzles for your publication. I am capable of writing a wide variety of logic puzzles of a wide range of difficulty levels, so no matter what your publication's needs are, I can deliver. As with the above option, you will be licensed to use these puzzles for whatever purposes you wish, including commercial purposes. You will be granted the first rights to publish the commissioned puzzles (after all, if I publish them first, who's going to pay you to view them?), but not full copyright (meaning I can publish said puzzles in an anthology of my own at some point). As long as I retain copyright, you should be able to negotiate whatever rights you believe will help you get the most bang for your buck.

This is a personal blog, and it will never have paid advertising. I will not add a link to your site just because you offer to pay me. Every single link on this blog is here because it genuinely interests me, or because it's somehow a form of shameless self-promotion (which arguably counts as genuinely interesting me). However, I'm always eager to promote myself, so if you commission me to write puzzles for you, you will definitely get a lot of good publicity on this blog. Certainly puzzles and publicity are better than publicity alone, right? :)

Prices are negotiable, but you can rely on larger, more complex puzzles costing more than smaller simpler ones. I reserve the right to refuse a license to any publication. As a rule of thumb, I will happily supply puzzles for a publication called This Magazine is Centered Around Puzzles Monthly, but not one called Adherents of This Belief System to Which Grant Subscribes Are Unholy Morons Quarterly. I want to create divisions between grid cells, not people, with my puzzles. :)

Puzzles for Non-Commercial Use
As mentioned above, all of my puzzles on this blog are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License, and you may use them for non-commercial purposes for free.

Feel free to tip me without asking me for anything in return. I am always open to receiving money! I mean, what logic puzzle author wouldn't want money?

I reserve the right to change these terms without notice.

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