Puzzle 557: Blackbarrier Jam 18

David Millar of The Griddle is currently seeking funding for a Kickstarter project! The goal is to raise $2000 in pledges to publish a book of paranormal-themed logic puzzles, including Area 51 (a hybrid of Masyu, Corral/Bag, and the Sheep and Wolves variation of Slitherlink) and Haunted Mirror Mazes (a puzzle about locating ghosts, zombies, and vampires based on the knowledge of each one's visibility with and without mirrors). There are rewards for backing at various levels, such as a free PDF copy of the final book, or (if you're feeling really generous) a personal visit from Mr. Millar himself! Do not be afraid to join me in backing this project. :)

A shout-out to Virmir, as well, for creating my blog's new banner!

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