Wordy Wednesday 7: Pathfinder

PENT WORDS (answer)
It's been two weeks, so time to unveil the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
Eric Prestemon **
Giovanni Pagano **
James McGowan *
Jeremy Conner *
Mark Tilford **
Randy Rogers *

10 people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. Remember, it's a contest! Send your solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess, not to mention getting a chance to win a signed issue of Will Shortz's Wordplay. Good luck, solvers!

(click here for a PDF version)
In this puzzle, each answer starts in the correspondingly numbered square, goes in some direction, and makes one or more right-angled turns as it winds through the grid. When you have finished, every white square will be used in exactly two entries.

Rearrange the letters in the shaded spaces to get a pair of related words that are the final answer.

1 They were Spain's former currency (7)
2 Can ____ (kitchen device) (6)
3 ____ Convention (5)
3 Real Time with ____ (4 5)
4 Secluded valley (4)
5 Part of a calyx (5)
6 Bicycle user, perhaps (7)
7 Need for a certain funeral rite (4)
8 Emulated Michael Phelps (4)
8 ____ the beans (5)
9 Spoonful of sour cream, for example (6)
9 One of her songs was covered by Whitney Houston (5 6)
10 Where Japanese fish might be displayed (3 4)
11 Harmless fib (5 3)
12 The moon, for example (9)
13 Sorrow (9)
14 End of a famous palindrome (6)
15 Made a forced bet (5)
16 Angry speech (4)
17 Major ____ (14-semitone interval) (5)
18 Vivian's "I Love Lucy" role (5)
19 Long-running racing game franchise (5 4)
20 Quarterback Kaepernick (5)
20 Place where a fan might be seen (7)
21 The Treasure State's capital (6)
22 Sleeps briefly (7)
23 Charlie of “Two and a Half Men” (5)
24 Scaly mammal (8)

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