Wordy Wednesday 33: Section Six 2

A fortnight is past, so I will now show you a solution PDF for this conundrum. If you still wish to try it, click this link for normal difficulty, or this link for not-so-hard difficulty. A list of individuals with an ability to outsmart my wordplay follows:
Adam W'av'r **
Brian Michalowski **
Bryc' H'rdt **
Ch'ryl Chan **
Christian H.P. **
Giovanni Pagano **
Izak Bult'n **
Jack Bross **
Jam's McGowan **
John Bult'n **
M. S'an Moll'y *
Mark Tilford **
P't'r Abid' **
Ryan Fal'y **
Sam L'vitin **
Tim Harrod **

A number of people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. Send your solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

This puzzle's grid has six rings and six sections. Each ring contains a series of words placed end to end, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise; all the words in a given ring will read in the same direction. Ring 1 (the outer ring) contains six answers that read clockwise; the starting spaces are numbered in the grid. Clues for the answers in the remaining rings are given in order, but their starting points and direction are for you to determine. The sections (separated by the heavy lines radiating from the center) will help you place the inner rings: in a given section, each ring segment contains all but one of the letters in the next segment outward. In other words, a section's outermost segment contains six letters; the next segment inward contains five of those six letters in some order; and so on, until only one of the original six letters remains.

Arrange the letters in the six starred spaces to form the final answer.
Ring 1
1 Over there
2 Of poor quality
3 Animals in some Serta commercials
4 Fee for a loan
5 No-goodniks
6 McDonald's logo feature

Ring 2
* It's taught in the school gymnasium: 2 wds.
* Euros, for example
* Grating, as a voice
* Concepts
* Pickle maker's need

Ring 3
* Longs (for)
* The remains of something destroyed
* Item in Super Mario Bros. 3 that keeps the Airship from flying away
* Flattened, as a soda can

Ring 4
* Many a building in the Bible Belt
* Is contingent (on)
* Dog voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Ring 5
* Awesome Games Done Quick offering
* It may depict a baseball player

Ring 6
* Ghostly title character of a 1995 film

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