Changing life circumstances.

While I shan't go into the specifics of what's happening in my life, there will be a lot of changes around here. My Internet access will become much more limited; I'll be able to access e-mail from my phone (so keep sending me your puzzle solutions), but I will try to use whatever time I get on my computer and on the Internet more professionally (meaning getting logic puzzles ready for submission to Grandmaster Puzzles; with limited computer access, it's far easier to write a ton of logic puzzles on paper than to write word puzzles without access to Nutrimatic, OneLook, and QXW). Thus, this blog will be a lot less active. I plan on cutting off the Wordy Wednesday series at installment 50 (which will obviously be a Pent Words and be posted on May 6). I will try to give some awesome things away in the meanwhile, so stay tuned as I give this series the send-off I believe it deserves.

Some of you may be watchers of my weekly Can't Stop tournament streams on Twitch. These will come to a complete halt for the time being. I hope that some of my regular watchers and co-commentators (such as Pepster) might be able to keep the tradition up so all the Can't Stop fans can get their weekly dose of commentary. Open Broadcaster Software is completely free and very usable, so I recommend downloading that. This was easily one of the highlights of my week, and I'll miss it. (The upside of this is that I'll have more time for the biweekly game nights at PrimeTime; maybe some interaction with 3-D people will do my soul some good.)

I give my gratitude to Joseph "/dev/joe" DeVincentis for his amazing test-solving contributions, as well as to Craig "Gabby" Kasper for being an amazing brother in Christ and not merely a genius with puzzles. But most of all, I thank my mother for believing in me all of these years; I have often felt that, as someone with Asperger's, I would be best off humanely euthanized (and certain entities on the Internet haven't helped), but my mother clearly thinks differently, and perhaps none of my puzzles would exist without her.

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