Patreon update!

As of this writing, 6 Patreon users are pledging me a combined total of $35 per month. Once I've reached $50 per month, I'll post 2 Wordy Wednesday puzzles on the fifth Wednesday of any month with five Wednesdays, allowing all of my readers (patrons and otherwise) to enjoy extra puzzles! By becoming a patron, you'll get early access to all of my Wordy Wednesday puzzles, plus access to exclusive puzzles, so I hope you'll consider pitching in.

Special thanks to Marquis2007 for coming through with some awesome foxger artwork which now adorns the left side of my blog. If you love cute foxes, but hate puzzles, you might consider commissioning Marquis2007 to draw something rather than becoming my patron. Also, you'll probably want to never visit this blog again, because very little of its content is foxes, and most of its content is puzzles.

* Wordy Wednesday #51 will challenge your cryptogram-solving abilities!
* Patron Puzzle #1, which will be delivered exclusively to Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month), is a large Bricks and Mortar puzzle. Veterans of Penny Press publications (including the short-lived Will Shortz's Wordplay) may be familiar with Bricks and Mortar, which are normally 18x18 in size; this one's 24x24, and features 50 8-letter words for your solving pleasure!

Until next time, yappy solving!

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