Wordy Wednesday 54: Sudokurossword

It's been two weeks, so time to unveil the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
Giovanni Pagano **
Jack Bross **
Peter Abide *
Adam Weaver **
Bryce Herdt **
Jack Lance **
John Bulten *
Mark Tilford **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

10 people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here are three letters to get you started. Send your solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

This puzzle comes in two parts. The first part is a sudoku, which you solve normally (the numbers 1-9 appear once in each row, column, and 3x3 box). Each row has a crossword clue next to it; the shaded cell corresponds to the crossword entry in which that answer belongs. (For example, a 5 means that the answer to that clue belongs in 5-Down in the crossword grid.) If you want to really challenge yourself, you can skip the sudoku entirely and try to fit in the crossword answers without knowing where they're supposed to go, but Ryan Faley wouldn't recommend that, and you won't get an extra star for doing so.

Anagram the highlighted letters in the crossword to obtain the final answer word.
Do you have talent? No? Good! Please consider entering my BoardGameGeek's Not Talent contest on BoardGameGeek and posting a video of your lack of talent. So far, the only entrant is. . . me, with a video of an ambitious card routine that will leave you the exact opposite of speechless. Come on, guys! I want to see more entries! Whether your lack of talent involves singing poorly, dancing terribly, failing at magic, horrible stand-up comedy, or anything that you'd expect to see on America's Got Talent (except done better), I would love to see it. Once (if?) there are other entries, you can give them your thumbs up if you detect talent in them; the entry with the fewest thumbs wins!

* What's a 5-letter word for "____ 2000 (short-lived game show with The Creature instead of Bankrupt)"?
* Patron Puzzle #2, which will be delivered exclusively to Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month), is a Snake Crisscross, a puzzle type which (as far as I can tell) was invented by my good friend Craig Kasper. Crisscross words read from left to right or top to bottom as you'd expect; snake words read along bendy paths in the grid. Every letter is used in one snake word and one or two crisscross words; there are 85 words in all.

Until next time, yappy solving!

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