Wordy Wednesday 78: Musical Word Chairs 2

SECTION SIX 7 (answer)
It's been two weeks, so time to unveil the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
Christian H.P. **
Giovanni Pagano **
Jack Bross **
Mark Tilford **
Adam Weaver **
Bo Green **
Bryce Herdt **
John Bulten *
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **
yyw **

As of this writing, 11 people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. Send your solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

The letters in these words are playing musical chairs; in each round, one letter gets dropped and the rest get rearranged. Write the clued 7-letter words in column A. Then drop one letter from each word and rearrange the rest to get a 6-letter word that goes in column B. Drop one more letter and rearrange what's left to get a 5-letter word to write in column C. The letters thus dropped, reading down the leftmost column and then the rightmost column, will spell a song title. The words in column C are clued in order, but you must determine where the words go in the other columns.
* Team Fortress 2 class that can perform a rocket jump
* Firearm with a long barrel
* Sportswear designer Kors
* Do over and over and over, as programming instructions
* Kirk of Growing Pains
* Not native
* Office supply store that sells “easy” buttons
* A state in Mexico or a Dodge SUV

* Punish a child, perhaps
* Border
* Duds
* Comes to an end, as a subscription
* Looked for
* The desire to cause someone harm
* Part of the eye
* Golden tunes of yesteryear

1. Military surveillance, briefly
2. A river in Africa
3. A cube, for one
4. Characteristic
5. Out of style
6. “I'd walk a mile for a ____” (cigarette slogan of yore)
7. A melon is one
8. ____ Park (animated TV series)

* What's a five-letter word for "What kids, teens, adults, and elders do in many YouTube videos"?
* Patron Puzzle #7, which will be delivered exclusively to Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month), is a Pathfinder. Words snake around the grid horizontally and vertically; you're given the starting position and direction for each word, but the rest is up for you to determine. Every letter is used in two words; there are 54 words in all.
* Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month) will also receive issue #1 of Fox & Badger Magazine, which combines three of my favorite things: puzzles, Comic Sans, and clip art. A six-puzzle meta, "For Inner Peace", leads to a song title as its final answer. How frequent will this magazine be? It depends on how creative I'm feeling and what kind of feedback I get.

Until next time, yappy solving!

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