Wordy Wednesday 206: Section Six 20

FOXGERYPTICS 10 (answer)
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Giovanni Pagano *
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Bryce Herdt **
Rusty the Wolf **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

PENT WORDS 41 (hint)
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This puzzle's grid has six rings and six sections. Each ring contains a series of words placed end to end, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise; all the words in a given ring will read in the same direction. Ring 1 (the outer ring) contains six answers that read clockwise; the starting spaces are numbered in the grid. Clues for the answers in the remaining rings are given in order, but their starting points and direction are for you to determine. The sections (separated by the heavy lines radiating from the center) will help you place the inner rings: in a given section, each ring segment contains all but one of the letters in the next segment outward. In other words, a section's outermost segment contains six letters; the next segment inward contains five of those six letters in some order; and so on, until only one of the original six letters remains.

Arrange the letters in the six starred spaces to form the final answer, a 6-letter word.
Ring 1
1 One of Muhammad's successors
2 90 degrees on a compass
3 Subject of a gaffe for 2016 Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson
4 2014 film adapted from a Veronica Roth novel
5 Structure on which an offering might be burnt
6 Delegate

Ring 2
* Sex, Lies, and ____
* LaBeouf whose "He Will Not Divide Us" became an international game of "capture the flag"
* Popular pie ingredient
* ____ monster
* ____ Things (Netflix series)

Ring 3
* Cosmos: A Personal Voyage host: 2 wds.
* Actress Falco
* Use an e-cig
* Forming

Ring 4
* Madonna or Lady Gaga, say
* Not far
* Little freebies

Ring 5
* Judy of The Wizard of Oz
* Italian scooter brand

Ring 6
* 20/20's Elizabeth

* What's a 10-letter word for "Fatal ____ (1987 film)"?
* Patron Puzzle #34, which will be delivered exclusively to Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month), is a Pathfinder.

Submit your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com. Until next time, keep on living, and yappy solving!

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