I'm back from the psych ward!

At least half a dozen people expressed desires for me to live on Patreon, and one prominent puzzler even gave me their phone number, which I dialed a lot during my inpatient therapy phone hours. Hopefully I'll remember all of you kind folks next time I'm depressed and maybe not talk about killing myself.

To compensate for my absence, I will post double Wordy Wednesdays throughout all of April. I am also pleased to announce that I am now receiving $125 per month on Patron, and that having hit that milestone, I will now post double Wordy Wednesdays on the last Wednesday of all months! I will also post double the Patron Puzzles on Patreon, one per month for $5+ supporters, and one per month for all supporters! Now's a better time than ever to support your favorite fuzzy puzzlemaster and get rewarded for it!

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