Wordy Wednesday 282: Touchword 10 & Wordy Wednesday 283: Hex Pathfinder 19

PENT WORDS 56 (answer)
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Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

TOUCHWORD 9 (hint)
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In a crossword, words cross each other; in this puzzle, they merely touch. More specifically, every letter shares an edge with at least one identical letter either immediately above or immediately below. The top and bottom rows are considered adjacent. (You can think of it as a diagramless, cylindrical Share-A-Letter puzzle.)

Arrange the letters in the shaded spaces to form the final answer, an 8-letter word.
1  Environment in which something develops / Profusion
2  Kathy Kinney’s role on The Drew Carey Show / Jacob’s brother / Eerie
3  Careless / “Make Mine ____” (1946 film) / Former football quarterback Romo
4  Like numbers on the number line / Metroid heroine / Utter singingly
5  Distributed playing cards / Marie who was the Queen of France
Yes, ____ (2000-2006 sitcom) / The Lone Ranger’s companion / “In the ____” (Elvis Presley song)
7  A type of crown / In debt / A greeting
8  Attack imaginary foes: 3 wds.
9  Sheds feathers, say / Base one position clockwise of home plate / Economist Kimball
10 Annoy / Employ / ____ potato
11 Part of the face between the mouth and the ear / Stock purchases / A compass direction
12 ____ and balances / A compass direction / Super _____ Bros. Ultimate (2018 video game)
13 One who uses hawks to hunt / Put up with
14 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy ____ / A unit of weight: 2 wds.
15 “Sugar We’re Goin Down” band: 3 wds. / Wearer of a conical cap

In this puzzle, each answer starts in the correspondingly numbered hexagon and winds through the grid, starting in the indicated direction. When you have finished, every letter will be used in exactly two entries.

Rearrange the letters in the shaded spaces to get the final answer, a 7-letter word.
1E Primatologist Goodall (4)
1SW A programming language (4)
2W Laughing mammal (5)
3W Like a memorable tune (6)
4SE “____, me hearties!” (5)
5SW Canadian-born magician who popularized casual attire for magicians (11, 2 wds.)
6E Game show where contestants competed to line up X’s and O’s (11, 3 wds.)
7NW “Same here!” (5)
7SW Judge ____ (1995 film) (5)
8SW Contradict (6)
9SE Ten tens minus ten (6)
10NW Diminished (5)
11W ____ Lake (Tchaikovsky ballet) (4)
11SE Participate in a choir (4)
12W “Juke Box ____” (Foreigner song) (4)
13SE Stinging insect (4)
14W Rubbish (6)
15NE “That hurts!” (4)
16E One ran away with the spoon in “Hey Diddle Diddle” (4)
17NW Testify to, with “for” (5)
17E Rapper who told listeners to “stop, collaborate, and listen” (10, 2 wds.)
18SE Unique (7)
19NW Preparing frozen food, perhaps (7)
20SE Like some courtroom evidence (8)
21NW Bart’s sister (4)
22W Struck down (5)
23NE 10010110, for example (4)
23W Plants of the goosefoot family (5)
24SW Operatic solo (4)
25SE DVD player button (5)
25SE Model Porizkova (7)
26NW The sun, for one (4)
27E Moisten at regular intervals, as cooking food (5)
28E Through thick and ____ (4)
29SW Hair salon item (6)
30SW Disreputable (8)
31SE Kid ____ (NES game) (6)
32NW 1991 comedy starring Steve Martin as George Banks (16, 4 wds.)
33NE First word in “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys (5)

* What's a 15-letter, 4-word answer for "Normal"?
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