The Joy of Puzzling: Word Sandwiches (RESULTS!)

I received 9 entries to Part I and 7 entries to Part II of The Joy Of Puzzling: Word Sandwiches. Here are the results!

Here's the solution grid to Part I of the contest:
The added letters form the final answer DOUBLE HEADER, which was gotten by 9 people. The winner of Part I of the contest, chosen by, is Michael Schnatter, who wins a copy of TAILITS!

If you want to read about me making this puzzle, the document is at

The winning entry out of 7 in Part II of the contest is this one by Justin Melvin, which technically broke the rule that the final answer should be spelled out by the added letters, but did so in a risky way with a nice punchline that easily impressed Ryan. Justin and test-solver Carl Worth win copies of TAILITS!

Author's note: Solve this puzzle to find a great sandwich and a dessert for afterwards (after putting the "Wholes" in the proper order).
1. Steeped drink
2. TikTok artifacts
3. Pale or ginger beverage
4. Artist who scored Blade Runner (1982)
5. A category for those who don't fit in
6. Reason one may go fast
7. A great deal
* Block a light source in front of something
* Bullet intended to help aim
* Chap who really knows a lot?
* Flock increaser?
* Like a peacoat or duster, without head covering like a slicker
* Rejoinder at roll call from a snarky kid, maybe: 2 wds.
* Superb bargain, slangily

Because the winning puzzle technically broke a rule, I made Ryan select a second winner. In addition to WHOLES clues that start with A through G, Ryan cited "its two six-letter centers, great FINAL ANSWER. . . and the motherfudging JoJo reference" as reasons for selecting this puzzle. Author Diane Heaton and test-solver Sara Goodchild win copies of TAILITS!
1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure villain
2. About the ear
3. Heart
4. Likely to lose at arm wrestling
5. Follower of "if"
6. Butcher of Uganda
7. Glow stick enthusiasts
* Alters slightly
* Become aware of
* Creator of the olive tree
* Decorations on bumpers
* Entirely go through
* Figure of speech
* Giving a handle

Here are all of the entries and their answers and authors. The winning entries are labeled as GOLF and ALPHA, respectively.

Congrats to the winners! And to all the people who constructed puzzles for this contest, keep practicing, and you might be able to get published in a magazine like Games World of Puzzles!

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