Contest: Fill-In Crossword

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the first post on this blog! To celebrate, here's a contest.

The answers in the crossword below are clued alphabetically by length; you must figure out where they belong. When you’re done, one row or column will have three entries that, when read aloud in order, sound out a two-word song title; this song title is your final answer.
What a Blu-Ray player might also play
Moray, for example
“____ Raining Men”
Solomon’s ____ (video game)
____ Life to Live (soap opera)
Item a miner mines for
Not in
Spot on a die
Propel, as a boat
Participate in a footrace
Channel worn by repeated passage
Morse code distress signal
“Here Comes the ____”
The Last O.G. network
Tamera Mowry's sister

Radio host Glenn
2006 Pixar film
____ cut (bristly haircut)
Deduct from, as wages
Make changes to
Long narrative poem
Not easy
Some retrievers, briefly
Camera part
Read an online forum without posting
Dawn, poetically
A shoe brand
Number of a cat’s lives, supposedly
____ and bones
Nasal mucus, slangily
____ leopard
Bark up the wrong ____
Accustom to not being nursed

Advil alternative
Francs’ replacement
Restaurant offerings
“Nights in White ____”
Roebuck’s partner
Weather-manipulating Marvel heroine

1986 sci-fi sequel
Sexually arousing
Jerusalem’s country
The ____ Kid (1984 film)
Language spoken in Seoul
Need: 2 wds.
“____ Night” (Christmas song)
Mid-size Hyundai model
Involving two sound channels
Coin-like objects used in an arcade
Gene who played Willy Wonka

Area on a computer with icons

Send your answer to the above puzzle to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com before 11:59 PM Central time on July 20, 2019 to enter the contest. A randomly-selected entrant with the correct answer will win a signed copy of the Spring 2015 issue of Will Shortz's Wordplay (the final copy I have!), a signed copy of my book Logic Puzzles 101, a signed copy of the May 2019 issue of Games World of Puzzles, and a copy of my board game TAILITS! Up to four other randomly-selected entrants with the correct answer will win a signed copy of the May 2019 issue of Games World of Puzzles and a copy of my board game TAILITS. That's five chances to win!

Good luck, and yappy solving!

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