Wordy Wednesday 297: Pathfinder 15

PENT WORDS 59 (answer)
Here is the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
M. Sean Molley **
Mark Ballinger **
Tyler Hinman **
Bryce Herdt **
Kevin Orfield **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

SECTION SIX 29 (hint)
As of this writing, 5 people have solved this puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. Send your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

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In this puzzle, each answer starts in the correspondingly numbered square, goes in some direction, and makes one or more right-angled turns as it winds through the grid. When you have finished, every letter will be used in exactly two entries.

Rearrange the letters in the shaded spaces to get the final answer, an 8-letter word.
1 Like a list of U.S. Presidents in which Wilson is last, probably (12)
2 Crane in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (7)
3 Pertaining to a cow (6)
4 Martha’s ____ (8)
5 ____ tectonics (5)
6 Thomas Edison’s middle name (4)
7 Starbucks offering (4)
8 Long-running NBC soap opera (4 2 3 5)
9 Jasmine’s tiger in Aladdin (5)
10 Starbucks offering (5)
11 Metal Gear ____ V: The Phantom Pain (5)
12 Atop the ____ Wall (video series in which Linkara reviews comic books) (6)
13 Mend (4)
14 Killer whales (5)
15 Completely occupy the attention of (7)
15 One on this planet (9)
16 High-pitched sound like that of striking a crystal goblet (4)
17 Jezebel’s husband in the Old Testament (4)
18 Florence ____ (herb) (6)
18 Large-eared fox (6)
19 Hit song for The Clash (4 3 6)
20 Badgering (9)
21 Sleeps noisily (6)
22 Close to the ____ (4)
23 “King of the Wild Frontier” Davy (8)
24 Dunham of the HBO series Girls (4)
25 Supreme council of ancient Rome (6)
26 Sales promotion you might have to mail in for (6)
27 There’s one on each side of the throat (6)

* A pair of Foxgeryptics!
* Patron Puzzle #62, which will be delivered exclusively to Patreon supporters ($5 or more per month), is a pair of Codewords.

Submit your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com. Until next time, keep on living, and yappy solving!

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