Contest Info: Let's Solve a Rebus! 2

This contest will involve daily posts on my blog, so I decided to post info on it a week in advance so you folks can be ready to check my blog once a day for a few weeks.

You are tasked with solving a phonetic rebus in the style of the old game show Concentration. You can play an old abandonware DOS game based on the 1987-1991 revival Classic Concentration here. Here's an example I made:

The answer is HARRY HOUDINI (hare+E hoodie+knee). Just sound out what you see, and you'll get it!

The catch in this contest is that the rebus will be hidden by 25 numbered squares:

Every day from March 1, 2020 through March 14, 2020 (excluding Wednesdays, so as not to distract from Wordy Wednesday), some of the numbered squares will be removed at random at 12:01 AM Central time (3 squares on the first day and 2 squares every day thereafter). Submit your guess to the rebus answer to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com to be entered in the contest. There is no penalty for a wrong guess (so guess away!), but you're limited to one guess per revelation. The sooner you submit the correct answer, the more contest entries you get (12 entries for solving on the first revelation, 11 for the second revelation, all the way down to 1 entry for the final revelation). One randomly-selected winner will win my board game Mammalath (with the Mammalath Plus expansion)! The game Mammalath can be played on Board Game Arena, as well, but I trust that you'll enjoy playing it with your real-life friends, too. :)

This time around, there will be a second prize given away! To win the second prize, guess how many entries there will be in the first prize drawing. (In the previous contest, there were 149 entries.) Each entrant is limited to one guess, but you can change that guess as often as you wish before the deadline. The closest guess to the actual number wins the prize! Ties will be broken by random draw.

Good luck!

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