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Contest: Let's Guess THREE Words! (RESULTS!)

It's time for the results of this contest!
As guessed correctly by 5 people, the trio of Scrabble-legal words was BLOSSOM, BUBBLES, and BUTTERCUP. (These 5 people included one who decided to be ultra-cheeky and submit "The set of words which only contain letters from 'CUT PROBLEMS', do not contain any letter not in 'BOUTS' more than once, start with a 'B', contain at least two letters at least twice or one letter at least three times, have a vowel as a penultimate letter, does not contain consecutive vowels, the third letter is in 'BOT', is at least 7 letters long, does not end in R, and whose second letter is not 'O'." Verifying that this guess indeed only contained three words taught me a lot about the Zyzzyva software, such as the fact that it only lets you have 8 search criteria at any one time.) The winner of a copy of my board game Mammalath (with the Mammalath Plus expansion), selected at random from among those 5 people, is John Bulten! John, having recently won the same prize in a previous contest, has opted out of the prize drawing, so a new winner has been randomly selected: Kevin Orfield! Congratulations!

On an unrelated note, here's an amusing image courtesy of the ever-so-helpful token mysterious entity going by "Inge S. Kraft":
Stay tuned next week for a special contest! Let's-a go!

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