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Evil Zinger 15: Fencing Match (liars)

In this Fencing Match puzzle, exactly one number in each row and in each column is wrong. The rules are otherwise unchanged.When you can't even trust all of the clues in an Evil Zinger (EZ) to be correct, what can you trust?


Blaine said...

For an Evil Zinger, this was truly evil. Can't believe I got stuck for so long on how to finish the pair of threes!

Anonymous said...

Now where I have I seen this idea used before?

Evil, but I think I have reason to believe it is far less evil than my own version. :P

Grant Fikes said...

mellowmelon: I suspected that this puzzle would be of a lesser difficulty than your puzzle; however, I wanted to create a puzzle that would give solvers the same sensation that yours gave me. Judging by Blaine's comment, I may have succeeded. :)

Rajesh Kumar said...

A cleverly created logical puzzle!!!

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