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Monday Mutant 16: Polyominous (cipher)

Monday Mutants is a series in which I will attempt to experiment with "mutant" puzzles. These could be existing puzzle types with an unusual change in the rules, hybrids combining elements from multiple puzzle types, or puzzle types neither invented nor popularized by Nikoli.
In this Polyominous puzzle, the given numbers have been replaced by letters or symbols; all instances of a particular letter or symbol represent the same number, but two different letters or symbols must represent different numbers. The rules are otherwise unchanged.

This puzzle is a tribute to two legends.


Anonymous said...

It's not quite "UR MR GAY," but there's a slightly embarrassing message when you find all the values.

Grant Fikes said...

I assure you that any embarrassing messages not related to Pokémon are completely unintentional. Also, I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Care to e-mail me?

Blaine said...

Stop ogling me! And laughing!

Grant Fikes said...

Blaine: If the "slightly embarrassing message" Cy sees isn't more embarrassing than that, then I'll feel a bit ripped off. I saw that one, too, but it didn't mention enough bodily functions in a sophomoric fashion. :)

TheSubro said...

Fun puzzle. Driven greatly by the 3. Liked the way you left the 1/2 ambiguous throughout and used some big numbers as well. well done. Thanks.


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