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Monday Mutant 20: Straight and Arrow / Battleships

Ten ships (as indicated below the grid: one four-cell ship, two three-cell ships, three two-cell ships, and four one-cell ships) are hidden in the grid. The ships may be rotated from the orientations shown, but may not overlap or occupy cells which share a corner or an edge. A cell containing a number and an arrow represents how many of the cells in the row or column pointed at by the arrow contain ships, but may not itself contain a ship. All cells which do not contain a numbered arrow clue or a ship must be connected in a single loop of horizontal and vertical lines which doesn't cross itself or branch off, as in a Straight and Arrow puzzle. Locate the ships and draw the loop.
To my knowledge, Thomas Snyder was the first puzzlesmith to combine these two puzzle types.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes. You know you're onto a winner when the combination of puzzles throws up beautiful new logic of its own. Placing the 4-ship in particular was a thing of beauty.

I missed Mr Snyder's original post - I couldn't think why until I saw the post was round about my birthday...I don't get much chance to solve puzzles at that time in June!


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