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Puzzle 399: Straight and Arrow 28

It's a 31x45 Straight and Arrow puzzle!
Rules of Straight and Arrow
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Anonymous said...

Best of the trio in my opinion! Yajilin is a type of puzzle I've not seen that much, and especially since they were introduced onto I've been struggling a bit with fiddlier bits to puzzles - and more often than not it's ended up with me having to restart, sometimes multiple times.

On the other hand, this flowed beautifully from start to finish. I am definitely beginning to get a real feel - almost a sort of solving signature - for the loop-based puzzles you create.


Giovanni P. said...

I liked the bottom most part of this one, although the rest of the puzzle also flowed nicely. Seemed easier than your 200th puzzle though.

I'll get to the other two giants as well at some point.

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