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Monday Mutant 15: Blackbarrier Jam (domino)

Monday Mutants is a series in which I will attempt to experiment with "mutant" puzzles. These could be existing puzzle types with an unusual change in the rules, hybrids combining elements from multiple puzzle types, or puzzle types neither invented nor popularized by Nikoli.
In this Blackbarrier Jam puzzle, instead of no two black cells being allowed to share an edge, every black cell must share an edge with EXACTLY ONE other black cell. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
It's déjà vu all over again. . .


Scott said...

Nice mutant :). How hard was it to be able to re-use the "same" puzzle?

Grant Fikes said...

Scott: It took a few tries and a lot of experimentation to make it work out.

Kenneth said...

Always fun to use the same format in a different way. Frankly, the pairs in this puzzle were easier than the standard, but I could definitely see some harder puzzles of high quality using such modified (mutant) constraint.



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