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Monday Mutant 18: Battleships

Monday Mutants is a series in which I will attempt to experiment with "mutant" puzzles. These could be existing puzzle types with an unusual change in the rules, hybrids combining elements from multiple puzzle types, or puzzle types neither invented nor popularized by Nikoli.
Ten ships (as indicated below the grid: one four-cell ship, two three-cell ships, three two-cell ships, and four one-cell ships) are hidden in the grid. The ships may be rotated from the orientations shown, but may not overlap or occupy cells which share a corner or an edge. A number to the right of a row or below a column indicates how many cells in that row or column are occupied by ships. Additionally, some segments of the ships are shown within the grid, and cells with wavy lines are "water" cells which cannot contain ships. Find the ships.
ERRATUM: I must not be cut out for logic puzzles any more. This puzzle marks my second erratum in a month. . . *sighs* Water has been added to make this puzzle have a number of solutions that is closer to 1 than before. I originally had water in this location (as well as a bunch of other locations that proved unnecessary), but somehow failed to notice that removing it created an ambiguity. I'm terribly sorry.

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Giovanni P. said...

I wouldn't be so worried about mistakes Grant. Everybody makes them, and I can sort of understand making a mistake when constructing a new puzzle type. Making only four errors total and still turning out good puzzles is an accomplishment.

That said, this one wasn't too bad either--I liked the "big to small" approach in solving this puzzle. Thanks again, and looking forward to the next Monday Mutant.

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