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Puzzle 404: Polyominous 39

Since they didn't get much front page time before being supplanted by the latest Monday Mutant, I'd like to remind everyone that I have recently posted three giant puzzles for your solving torture. To my chagrin, the last one had a mistake that I have since had to correct. To assuage my resulting lack of faith in my test-solving skills, I've had Joseph DeVincentis check this one beforehand; he assures me that an error was not found in the puzzle. Thanks, Joseph DeVincentis! :)


Scott said...

Nice theme :)

Kenneth said...

Great ending to this otherwise straightforward piece. Reminded me a bit of Mellow Melon's solid fillominos.



Giovanni P. said...

I agree with what the above comments said. One thing I like about Polyominous is the ability to hide stuff inside the puzzle that isn't obvious at first glance.

I'll try to get around to commenting on some of your puzzles that stick out at me. Thanks for the 400+ puzzle so far, and here's hoping for 400 more!

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