Puzzle 42: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 3

This puzzle was heavily inspired by Everett Kaser Software's game Dinner With Moriarty. Some of the clues are similar to clues that would be used in that game; however, I tried to be a little novel with the clues, as well.

Eliza Pseudonym and five of her friends met at her house to play the classic Perkless Brothers game Monotony together. Each of the six players brought a different food or drink item which was placed on the bar for the players to eat at any time during the game. As they played Monotony, they were eliminated from the game one by one until only the single winner remained. The six players were seated around a table as shown in the diagram below. From the clues below, determine where the players were seated, what food or drink item each of them brought, and how they placed in the game (from the worst, sixth place, through the best, first place). (Note: seats 1 and 4, 2 and 6, and 3 and 5 are across from each other. Consecutively numbered seats are next to each other, as are seats 1 and 6. No other pairs of seats are next to or across from each other.)

1. Delilah sat in seat 3 in the above diagram.
2. The player sitting across the table from the person who brought soda finished in sixth place, the player sitting in seat 4 finished in fifth place, and the player who brought an assortment of fruit juices finished in fourth place.
3. The person who brought popcorn was seated closer to the bar than the one who finished in second place.
4. Carla sat next to the person who brought a vegetable plate.
5. Fiona placed better than both of the players next to whom she was seated.
6. The player who brought fruit juices sat next to Anna and Barbra.
7. Barbra did not bring cookies, nor did she sit next to the person who brought cookies, or place in a consecutive position with the person who brought cookies.
8. The player in seat 6 brought potato chips.
9. The person who brought soda was seated closer to the bar than the one who brought popcorn.

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