Puzzle 49: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 4

I'm a sucker for animals; I guess I inherited it from my mother. I mostly love dogs, though. I can't imagine being as happy in life as I am now without having at least one cute little dog around. :3

During a six-day period from Monday through Saturday, the animal-loving Eliza Pseudonym and her equally animal-loving friends Anna, Barbra, Carla, Delilah, and Fiona each bought a new pet. Each one got a different kind of pet, and each pet was given a different name and bought on a different day. From the clues below, determine the name and species of each woman's pet, and the day they got them.

1. No woman has the same initial as her pet.
2. On Monday, Fiona was already showing off her beautiful new parrot.
3. Barbra's pet was bought precisely three days before Connor was.
4. "Awwww, Alice is such a cute cat!" doted the dog owner (who didn't get her pet on Tuesday) upon seeing another woman's pet.
5. "I got a pet ferret today," one woman told Anna. "Wow, that's neat!" Anna replied. "I myself got a pet yesterday."
6. To the awe of the other women, one fearless woman brought home a pet snake on Friday.
7. Delilah's pet and Florence (who isn't the pet rat) were not bought on consecutive days.
8. Earl was bought sometime before Denise was.
9. Carla's pet was bought precisely four days after Barry was.

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