Logicsmith Exhibition 2: Polyominous (RESULTS!)

Logicsmith Exhibition 2 is over now. I received 5 entries from 4 distinct people (not counting myself), so that's fantastic. There are many differences and similarities between them, making them interesting to compare.

First, we have Johan de Ruiter's creation. I actually found it a bit difficult in a few points, but fairly enjoyable.

mathgrant comes next alphabetically on the list of submitters, so here's my puzzle. Constructing for such a dense arrangement of givens was an interesting challenge for me, but I think I managed to make it varied and interesting, while also employing some neat themes.

miller sent in this puzzle that interestingly only uses even numbers for the givens. I thought it was fairly simple, but quite a pleasure.

Trayton submitted two puzzles. This first one has some rough spots to it, but is a rather enjoyable challenge for those expert enough to complete it.
Trayton's second puzzle employs a rather humorous theme involving the number 10. It's certainly the easiest puzzle in the group, but also amusing.

The last puzzle comes from the man whose blog inspired me to create my own, the one and only Zotmeister. (If there's another Zotmeister, I have yet to encounter him or her.) This one is mostly easy, but I quite enjoyed the ending. :)

Enjoy solving all of these puzzles! :D

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