Puzzle 464: Process of Illumination 35

I would like to promote three things whose only commonality is my involvement in each.
1. Four Puzzle Derby! It's a contest where you can win puzzle books imported from Japan! The deadline is less than a week away, so hurry up and enter.
2. Mega Micromusic! This awesome release by Dual Mode Records contains 8 songs created using the Record MakerMatic in WarioWare DIY, which can be basically described as a new generation of Mario Paint with much more interactivity. Track 3, the surreally titled "2120 Census", was composed by me.
3. 30s30d: A Month's Worth of Composing! While I didn't advertise it on my blog (until now), I spent the entire month of November writing one new song every day. Song 14, "Link and the King Get Logical", uses sound effects from the logic puzzle games by Everett Kaser, which some readers of this blog might recognize. There are also 10 WarioWare DIY tunes and 19 NES chiptunes.
Now that I've promoted those three things, solve this not-very-difficult puzzle.

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