Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy Preview: Mini Cryptic Crossword Plus

Thus far, my charity initiative Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy, wherein a charitable donation of US$11.10 can get you a pack of 24 puzzles and 2 small metas, has raised a total of US$65 for Child's Play Charity and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. I decided to write this puzzle, a smaller version of Patron Puzzle #24, as a preview of what to expect in this puzzle pack, Have fun with it!
In this cryptic crossword, the answer from the wordplay half of each clue contains an extra letter. For example, if the clue were "Shy memo for North American canine (6)", the answer would be COYOTE, as clued by "North American canine"; the wordplay half clues COY+NOTE, which has an extra N. These extra letters can be anagrammed to produce this puzzle’s final 8-letter answer.
1 Nannies head west for a buck (4)
6 Orchestra's initially considerate with a wind instrument (7)
7 Excellent supporter, at last (7)
8 Endless ceremony for poet Dove (4)
2 Tennessee firearm: it's not worth much (6)
3 Ms. Knight is joyful, certainly (6)
4 Derisive person's strongbox (6)
5 Refrigerator decoration destroyed garment (6)

If you enjoyed this puzzle, consider participating in Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy. For the price of US$11.10, you will get access to a larger version of the puzzle above (with 31 cryptic clues instead of a mere 8) and a bunch of other puzzles that don't involve cryptic clues. For philanthropic people on a budget, I now offer this: you can get Patron Puzzle #24, Cryptic Crossword Plus, for a donation of just US$1! Hey, every little bit helps, they say. :)

Until next time, yappy solving!

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