Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy

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I have now been on Patreon for approximately 2 years, during which time I've posted 24 Patron Puzzles, which are available to people who give me $5 or more per month. Since then, one of those puzzles has been made available for free and one of those puzzles was made available to all patrons at the $1 level and up (to compensate for being late). Therefore, the total cost to access all of these puzzles, according to my calculations, is US$111. However, starting from now, I will e-mail you a ZIP file of all 24 of these puzzles for the low price of US$11.10, That's 90% off! The catch? You don't pay the money to me. (If you want me to have money, you should consider supporting me on Patreon and getting access to my Wordy Wednesday puzzles earlier than anyone else. You will also gain access to future Patron Puzzles.) Instead, in a small effort to contribute something good to the world, you shall instead make your US$11.10 payment (or a greater amount if you're feeling generous) to one of these two charities:
So far as I know, these two charities are fairly non-political and non-controversial. I have raised money for them in the past, and am happy to continue to do so.

So as to ensure that I have no opportunity to misappropriate funds, please e-mail me (glmathgrantATgmailDOTcom) a copy of your charitable receipt (it must be a new donation, dated no earlier than one day before you email me), and I will send Patron Puzzles #1-24 and Fox & Badger Magazine #1 & #2 (two small puzzle suites with metas). You will also receive all solutions (with the temporary exception of Patron Puzzle 24, the solution to which will be given next month; everyone who solves the puzzle by then, whether they received it through Patreon or via this charity drive, will be entered into a drawing, the winner of which gets to suggest a seed word for a future Wordy Wednesday puzzle).

Patron Puzzles include the following:
* Several 13x13 Codewords puzzles (example).
* Several 15x15 Pathfinder puzzles (example).
* Several 21x21 Framelinks puzzles (example).
* A giant Anacrossword (example).
* A Pent Words puzzle (example) that becomes a logic puzzle.
* Several 10x10 mini-crosswords.
* A puzzle three-pack inspired by my colleague Ryan Faley.
* A variety cryptic where the answers to the wordplay halves of the clues include extra letters (example).
* And much more!

Please spread the word about Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy amongst all of your puzzle-loving friends. I want to do as much good as I possibly can. I hope to make more puzzle packs available in the future, as well.

Yappy solving, everyone!

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