Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy update: 10x10x10 Crosswords!

This update to the Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy initiative is to announce the 10x10x10 Crosswords pack! It's yours for a charitable donation of US$2 or more. It contains 10 10x10 mini-crosswords that will provide many minutes of enjoyment. There's variety here, too: 5 themed, 3 themeless, one vwllss, and one Something Different/freewheeling! Each puzzle comes with one PDF file (for printing), one PUZ file (for solving on the computer), and one file of the solution. The vwllss comes in two difficulty levels (one with answer enumerations, and a harder one without), and with a text file providing the full answers (with vowels included).

As a reminder, this is a charity initiative. Please e-mail me (glmathgrantATgmailDOTcom) a copy of your charitable receipt (it must be a new donation, dated no earlier than one day before you email me) to receive this pack of puzzles. I am currently soliciting donations to these five charities:
I'm also offering Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy Pack #1 (24 previously Patreon-exclusive word puzzles for US$11.10), Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy Pack #2 (24 more previously Patreon-exclusive word puzzles for US$11.10), the LiveJournal Logic Pack (300 logic puzzles for US$3), the Section Six Six-Plus-Six Pack (12 Section Six puzzles for $6), and the Magnum Opus Snake Crisscross (one giant puzzle with over 300 entries for $5). No matter what your budget is, I hope you will support these causes and get some fun puzzles to solve.

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