Contest: Let's Guess Three Words II!

I am thinking of three distinct English words that are at least 2 letters long and no more than 15 letters long. All of the words are valid in Scrabble according to Your goal is to guess them. Everyone who guesses the trio of words correctly by the time the contest is over will be entered for a chance to win a gift card for Grandmaster Puzzles worth up to $50.

Once per week, each and every single person reading this blog post is allowed to e-mail a set of words to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com. If it is a set of at least 10 words, I will publicly post on this blog (on the following Monday at 12:01 AM Central time) whether NONE, ONE, TWO, or ALL of my words are in that set. If it is a set of 9 words or fewer, I will privately give you the same information. If I can't easily verify whether a set of words has at least 10 words in it, I will assume it does, so if you want your information kept private, submit your set of words in the form "{CINQ, QADI, QAID, QATS, QOPH}" rather than "the set of all Scrabble-legal 4-letter words with a Q and not a U". RULES CLARIFICATION: It must be possible to determine whether or not any given word is in your set without knowing my words.

Once someone has guessed the trio of words (that is, submitted to me a set of exactly three words and gotten a result of ALL), one last weekly update will be posted on this blog, and then people who haven't guessed the words yet will have one more week to try to do so and be entered in the prize drawing.

The value of the Grandmaster Puzzles gift card will start at $50, and then go down $2 for every weekly update that has gone by without someone guessing the trio of words. (Exception: the value cannot go to $0.) A matching amount will also be donated to the Food Bank of West Central Texas, so even if you aren't interested in the prize drawing, your participation may help someone else solve the words faster and thus help charity! Last time, you smart people managed to solve the trio of words with the money pool at $44, but I think I've picked a more difficult word trio for this iteration, and you'll be getting far less help from mysterious entities, to boot!

To kick things off, I'll make four guesses for you, chosen from among the guesses that were made in Let's Guess Three Words!:

The set of all words with 3 or more consecutive consonants (consonants being defined as all letters except A, E, I, O, U, and Y): NONE
The set of all words containing a double vowel (AA, EE, II, OO, UU, YY): ONE
The set of all words that appear as distinct words in William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra (as opposed to as substrings of words), according to (example: BRANCHLESS, counterexample: RANCH): TWO
The set of all words in which the fifth letter exists and appears in the string FAMILY REUNIONS: ALL

Good luck, and yappy guessing!

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