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Contest: Let's Guess Three Words II! (Texas blackout update)

Since February 15, 2021, the weather has been unnaturally cold and snowy and icy (at least by Texas standards), resulting in drastic statewide blackouts which have impacted my residence. Luckily, I am in possession of a laptop and currently in the residence of a family member who has electricity, so I can still fullfill my obligations regarding Wordy Wednesday and this contest to a certain extent, but without reliable 24/7 Internet access and electricity, things will need to change. I can guarantee this much:

* Every "week" will last at least 168 hours.
* Every guess sent within the first 168 hours of a "week" will be included in the next update.
* All guessers for a "week" will be notified when the results are up.

Without 24/7 Internet access, I can no longer schedule a future post and be guaranteed that I'll be able to edit it in a timely manner to include guesses made within the last hours of the week.

I will work on making a massive Wordy Wednesday post for tomorrow that will include not only the two puzzles scheduled for that week, but the four scheduled for the week after, so that my loyal fans will actually gain from my lack of consistent electricity and Internet access. There will be no Wordy Wednesday update on February 24, regardless of whether I get my power back or not, so as to give y'all more time to solve the puzzles. I appreciate your patience, and apologize that email replies will be sparse!

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