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Wordy Wednesday snow update

Last week's Wordy Wednesday post contained both that week's and the next week's puzzles in a single post because Texas was covered in such a tremendous amount of snow (to the point that the power grid was affected) that I wasn't sure how things would look next week. I had no electricity, and had to go to a relative's house who had electricity and use a laptop, with my smartphone as the wi-fi router, to prepare the post. Frustratingly, this ate into my high-speed cellular Internet data for the billing period, and now literally any image that exists on the Internet takes several minutes to load, making my Internet connection on said phone worse than the dial-up I had when I used AOL and capitalized my screen name "MathGrant". Things seem to be normal now, the temperatures having warmed up and the snow having disappeared without a trace, and my electricity returned on Tuesday when I came home from preparing that blog post, and hasn't shut off since. If all goes well, normal Wordy Wednesday updates will return as scheduled next week!

By the way, Patron Puzzle #82, which will be delivered exclusively to <a href="">Patreon</a> supporters ($5 or more per month), is a Diagramless Crossword.

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