Contest: Let's Guess Three Words II! (RESULTS!)

It's time for the results of this contest!
As guessed correctly by 3 people, the trio of Scrabble-legal words was CUCKOO, FRIEND, and OLLIE.
These 3 people included one who decided to be ultra-cheeky and submit "The set of words such that the scrabble score of its 2-right Caeser [sic] cipher (e.g., ABCZ is shifted into CDEB) is 19 or 29, the scrabble score of its 3-right Caeser [sic] cipher is 8 or 19, the scrabble score of its 4-right Caeser [sic] cipher is 11 or 21, the scrabble score of its 11-right Caeser [sic] cipher is 22 or 30, the scrabble score of its 25-right Caeser [sic] cipher (which is also the 1-left shift) is 17 or 23, and have consecutive vowels (not necessarily repeated)." Verifying that this guess indeed only contained three words required extensive use of my newfound knowledge of regular expressions, and was a slow process owing to my potato of a computer. I plan to patch the rules so this kind of guess isn't allowed next time, as confirming that it has only three words is tedious, and it would prevent someone from just guessing "The set of all words that are still possible given the information currently available" and hoping that only three words remain possible. For what it's worth, according to my calculations, you had enough public information to uniquely determine the words after week 6, but it would have been very difficult.

The winner of a copy of a $34 gift card for Grandmaster Puzzles, selected at random from among those 3 people, is yyw! Congratulations!

On an unrelated note, here's an amusing image courtesy of the mysterious entity going by "Kit F. Sanger":
Stay tuned next week for a contest involving a marathon of crisscross puzzles!

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