Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy: Anacrossword Twenty-Pack

This update to the Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy initiative is to announce the Anacrossword Twenty-Pack!
Artwork by Tintinabar
This pack contains 20 Anacrossword puzzles for the price of US$10. Anacrosswords are a frequent puzzle on this blog, inspired by a concept seen in Games magazine eons ago. Combining crosswords and acrostic puzzles, when the letters in the crossword are transferred to the correspondingly-numbered blanks, each of these puzzles yields a quote followed by its author (as opposed to the ones on this blog which yield a clue to a final answer). Each puzzle comes in a hard version (where the solver must determine where each answer goes and where spaces and punctuation belong in the quote) and an easy version. Puzzles vary in size from 52 blanks in the smallest puzzle to 164 blanks in the largest puzzle.

As a reminder, this is a charity initiative. Please e-mail me (glmathgrantATgmailDOTcom) a copy of your charitable receipt to my local food bank, the Food Bank of West Central Texas, to receive this puzzle pack. (It must be a new donation, dated no earlier than one day before you email me.) Happy solving!

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