Contest: Let's Guess Three Words III! (RESULTS!)

It's time for the results of this contest!
As guessed correctly by 3 people, the trio of Scrabble-legal words was LOCK, STOCK, and BARREL. Even after my final hint on week 5, according to my calculations, there were still 533 combinations that the words could have been, so congratulations to those of you who somehow whittled that down to just one.

As a side note, Izak Bulten's private guess on week 4 was LOCK, SHOCK, and BARREL, a trio of characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I live a sheltered existence, so prior to setting up this contest, I didn't know that this particular movie had any characters besides Jack Skellington.

The winner of a copy of a $42 gift card for Grandmaster Puzzles, selected at random from among those 3 people, is Izak Bulten! Congratulations!

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