Wordy Wednesday 411: Diagramless Crossword 6

TOUCHWORD 20 (answer)
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Cindy Heisler **
Cole Kendall **
Joe Bernard **
Karen Spencer **
Kyle Nils **
Mary Maynard **
Stephen Potter **
Tyler Hinman **
Kevin Orfield **
Patrick Jordan **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **
Seth Christenfeld **

PENT WORDS 82 (hint)
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This crossword has 52 entries in a 15x15 grid, obeys American crossword rules, and has standard rotational symmetry.
1 Constellation with Regulus
4 Pertaining to spring
7 Surname of R&B brothers Aaron, Art, Charles, Cyril, and Ivan
8 First half of a clue to the final answer: ? wds.
14 German military sub: hyph.
15 Iranian ruler
16 Pro wrestler Van Dam
18 They house farm animals
19 State whose flag depicts a banner reading “Battle Born”
21 Bit of Kyoto currency
22 Book before Nahum
23 ____ and flow
26 Gab
27 Chef’s hat
29 The Love ____ (1968 Disney film)
32 Entertains
34 Fills with food
36 Higher learning institution, briefly
37 By the ____ of your pants
40 American Red Cross founder Barton
41 Second half of a clue to the final answer: ? wds.
44 Certain woodwind
45 Glorifies
46 Jazz guitarist Montgomery
1 Popular jeans brand
2 Bergen of Madam Secretary (2014-2019)
3 Borrowed: 2 wds.
4 Puzzle
5 Medieval science of transmutation
6 Honolulu souvenir
7 Butterfly-catching items
8 Lump
9 Popular auction site
10 Had on
11 Tailor’s need
12 Mouse relative
13 Baby ____ (sci-fi fan nickname for Grogu)
17 “____! Humbug!”
20 By way of
24 Greyhound vehicle
25 “Mind your own ____!”
27 Twice pi, in math
28 1978-1997 sci-fi magazine
30 Moab's state
31 Former Spice Girl Halliwell
33 Playground lever
34 Read a bar code, say
35 Day after Fri.
38 Walk down the ____ (get married)
39 Some horse gaits
42 President Lincoln, familiarly
43 Uno y uno

* Who is Link’s Good Mythical Morning co-host?
* What's a 5-letter word for "Either of Harley Quinn’s pets Bud and Lou, for example"?

Submit your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com. Until next time, keep on living, and happy solving!

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